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Learn Mindfulness


Mindful Island offers a variety of integrated wellness services for individuals groups and businesses.  Book your Mindful Diver PADI Distinctive Specialty Course, or register for the next addition of Mindfulness 101, the four week mindfulness course that helps you relearn the language of your body, breath, and mind.

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Calendar of Events


Find upcoming events, courses, and experiences.  See something you like, contact us today to book your spot.  There's never a perfect time to stop doing and relearn the ancient art of being.  You deserve more.  You deserve rest.  You deserve to feel your best.  Join one of our upcoming courses today.  Live mindfully, be well.  

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Coaching Services


Online or in person, Mindful Island has the coaching services you need to meet your individual goals.  Work with one of our experienced and knowledgeable coaches or trainers, and step into your best self now.  Mindful Island offers personal fitness training, wellness coaching, nutrition counseling, and more.  Let us help you define and achieve your goals.

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Our Story


Mindful Island is founded on the philosophy that good business doesn't take, it gives back.  It is our aim to help you discover that the tools you need to reach your highest potential live inside of you.  Find out more about who we are and what we do.  

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Businesses We Love


The island of Bonaire has many mindful businesses we would love to help connect you to for a variety of services.  From mindful places to stay if you're a visitor to the island, to venue locations for events and experiences.  See who we love on Bonaire.

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