Eat Mindfully. Be Well.

Mindful Eating

The odds of you having tried some sort of diet or physical training method in order to feel and look better are high. Even though they're different, all diets and fitness plans have one thing in common; temporary results. On the other hand, countless distractions in daily life trigger mindless ingestion of food and sedentary behaviors, which are strongly associated with weight gain, obesity and chronic diseases. The sustainable and effective cure? Mindfulness. Applying the concept of mindfulness to the eating experience has been proven to have long term positive affects on both body and mind. 

Becoming a mindful eater is not about making changes, necessarily. To become mindful about eating is to wake up with a higher level of awareness to how your thoughts and behaviors about food, and the food you choose and eat,  impacts your body and mind. A natural by-product of increased awareness is change.  To go a step further, to become a mindful eater is also to go beyond yourself and wake up to how food choices impact the wellbeing of the planet, animals, and other humans. Mindful eating will transform your relationship with food and create a fundament for a lifetime of healthy eating. 


Learn to Eat Mindfully

Eat Mindfully E-Course


During this four-week, online course you will be taken on a journey of awakening leading to a new successful way to engage with food. This will result in sustainable weight management and lead to the elimination of unhealthy eating patterns. 

Four week E-Course: $139

Mindful Eating Experiences


Mindful island Eats brings you plant based eating experiences with a mindful twist. Our mission is to showcase cuisine inspired from places around the globe. Highlighting for you that no matter what your favorite flavors are, plant based eating is always an option. 

Pricing & locations vary.